Policies - In case of error, the stop-printer selection causes all printing to that printer to stop. You can also select to have the job discarded (abort-job) or retried (retry-job) in the event of an error condition.

Access control. If your printer is a shared printer, you can select this tab to create a list that either allows users access to the printer (with all others denied) or denies users access to the printer (with all others allowed).
Printer Options. Click Printer Options to set defaults for options related to the printer driver. The available options are different for different printers. Many of these options can be overridden when someone prints a document. Here are a few of the options you might want to set:

Watermark - Several Watermark settings are available to enable you to add and change watermarks on your printed pages. By default, Watermark and Overlay are off (None). By selecting Watermark (behind the text) or Overlay (over the text), you can set the other Watermark settings to determine how watermarks and overlays are done. Watermarks can go on every page (All) or only the first page (First Only). Select Watermark Text to choose what words are used for the watermark or overlay (Draft, Copy, Confidential, Final, and so on). You can then select the font type, size, style, and intensity of the watermark or overlay.

Resolution Enhancement - You can use the printer's current settings or choose to turn resolution enhancement on or off.

Page Size - The default is U.S. letter size, but you can also ask the printer to print legal size, envelopes, ISO A4 standard, or several other page sizes.

Media Source - Choose which tray to print from. Select Tray 1 to insert pages manually. Levels of Gray - Choose to use the printer's current levels of gray or have enhanced or standard gray levels turned on.

Resolution - Select the default printing resolution (such as 300, 600, or 1,200 dots per inch). Higher resolutions result in better quality but take longer to print.
EconoMode - Either use the printer's current setting or choose a mode where you save toner or one where you have the highest possible quality.

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