Adding a Windows (SMB) Printer

Enabling your computer to access an SMB printer (the Windows printing service) involves adding an entry for the printer in the Select Connection window. When you choose to add a Windows printer to the Printer Configuration window (Windows Printer via SAMBA), you are presented with a list of computers on your network that have been detected as offering SMB services (file and/or printing service). At that point, here is how you can configure the printer:

1. Select the server or group (click the arrow next to its name so that it points down).
2. Select the printer from the list of available printers shown.
3. Fill in the username and password needed to access the SMB printer. Click Verify to check that you can authenticate to the server.
4. Click Forward to continue.

Alternatively, you can identify a server that does not appear on the list of servers. Type the informa- tion needed to create an SMB URI that contains the following information:

Workgroup - The workgroup name assigned to the SMB server. Using the workgroup name isn't necessary in all cases.
Server - NetBIOS name or IP address for the computer, which may or may not be the same as its TCP/IP name. To translate this name into the address needed to reach the SMB host, Samba checks several places where the name may be assigned to an IP address. Samba checks the following (in the order shown) until it finds a match: the local /etc/hosts file, the local /etc/lmhosts file, a WINS server on the network, and responses to broadcasts on each local network interface to resolve the name.
Share - Name under which the printer is shared with the remote computer. It may be different from the name by which local users of the SMB printer know the printer.
User - Username is required by the SMB server system to give you access to the SMB printer. A username is not necessary if you are authenticating the printer based on sharelevel rather than user-level access control. With share-level access, you can add a password for each shared printer or file system.
Password - Password associated with the SMB username or the shared resource, depending on the kind of access control being used.

When you enter a User and Password for SMB, that information is stored unencrypted in the /etc/cups/printers.conf file. Be sure that the file remains readable only by root.